Assistance et services informatiques

Nous fournissons IT support and managed services pour les petites et moyennes entreprises.

Ce que nous faisons

Nous offrons une variété de services d'assistance et de conseil en informatique. Nos experts informatiques professionnels et efficaces réalisent des projets informatiques de toutes tailles dans les délais et le budget.

Nous prenons le temps d'apprendre votre infrastructure et de comprendre vos besoins spécifiques afin de créer une solution informatique sur mesure pour vous. We help you purchase and install new computers, hardware, software or any kind of digital technology, whether it's PC, Mac or Linux based. We design and install wired and wireless networks and help you set up cable or any other high-speed Internet services. We will protect your systems and deal with viruses, malware, Trojans, worms and other security threats. We will help you with computer repairs, upgrades and maintenance as well as any other hardware, software or network problems in your home or business; onsite or via remote access.


Assistance à distance
Surveillance du réseau
Maintenance et gestion des serveurs
Sauvegarde et migration des e-mails
Hébergement, sauvegarde et migration de serveurs
Infrastructure de réseau


Nous fournissons Assistance et services informatiques à presque tous les besoins informatiques que vous pourriez avoir.

Nous sommes entrepreneurs comme vous, so we know that your time and resources are precious and that you need to be focused on what's most important. Leverage our small business IT support expertise and passion for small business success to your advantage - whether that's providing IT support to your employees, protecting your critical data, or supporting your office in the cloud with our hosted solutions.

Nous mettons constamment à jour nos produits et nos pratiques pour nous tenir au courant des dernières technologies et pour nous assurer de fournir le meilleur service possible à nos clients.

Is it time to upgrade your operating system? Looking to make the switch from Windows to Linux or Mac? Maybe you want to try dual-booting both at the same time. In any case, installing Windows, Macintosh or Linux is something we can do either one at a time or multiple in a single computer (multi-booting) that is having Windows, linux and Macintosh on the same computer if necessary.

De plus, si votre ordinateur fonctionne très lentement et a besoin d'apporter les modifications nécessaires, nous pouvons le faire fonctionner plus rapidement et plus efficacement pour atteindre son potentiel maximum.

Is your computer in need of an antivirus software or infected with more than one dangerous malware putting your personal and professional data in danger? Doctor PC can remove these threats giving you a safer computer and not worry every time you surf the internet that some malware software may access and store your private data.

There are a lot of fake antivirus-like software out there that would make you pay for them and then instead of protecting you make your computer more vulnerable and even send your private data to third party companies or even infect your computer with more viruses. Doctor PC can help you keep your data and computer safe by helping you choose the most efficient software and methods to protect you from these kinds of dangers.

Do you have large amounts of data that you want to store, transfer or upload it to a safer place? We can help you transfer them safely or story them properly so that you do not lose your important data in any way.

Did you lose important data in a system failure or got deleted by mistake? We can restore them, under certain circumstances or save most of them so that you do not lose them completely.

Do you need help but you are far away and too busy to arrange an appointment? You can grant us access to your computer and assist you with your problem and resolve it in a very short time so that you d not lose any precious time and continue with your work.

We can also maintain your computer software and updates via remote software and thus make everything simpler so that we do not keep you away from your computer more that you can afford.