Helios - Solar Powered UAV


HELIOS is our very first solar powered automated and semi-automated Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

This is a 4m wingspan solar plane that can cover with easy an area of 200.000 km2 to monitor and surveil with day, night and thermal vision equipment onboard.

Helios runs on solar energy during the day and can store the excessive energy on an onboard battery to be used during the night. It has a preset flight route with waypoints and can be controlled by a ground station anywhere in the world remotely.      

This UAV can be used for monitoring wildlife or big areas of land for disaster relief and disaster-area mapping, including search & rescue missions that require a safe and constant view of a given area for a long time without the need to return to base and refuel.

Technical Specifications:

    Custom made batteries for long endurance flights
    8 hours of continuous flight on batteries alone
    5 days of continuous flight with a combination of battery and solar energy flight
    24 hours/day live video streaming
    Day/night/thermal vision
    Automatic and semiautomatic flight modes
    Prescheduled flight patterns with waypoints
    Manual flight mode for custom flight routes
    Manual control of the camera view in two axis (360° horizontally and 60° vertically)
    Option to add movement sensors